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A glimpse into Liyana Dhamirah's past to present day

A glimpse into Liyana Dhamirah's past to present day

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Liyana Dhamirah: Finding hope in homelessness

Homelessness in Singapore is rarely talked about. But this does not mean that it does not exist. Liyana Dhamirah describes her struggles of being homeless, and how she emerged from it stronger than ever before. Her story reminds us that we can take control of our own destinies, and that we do not have to be defined by our circumstances. She also leaves with us an important lesson: a mother's spirit is fierce and indestructible. Through her experiences, Liyanah evolved to become an entrepreneur, award-winning author, and the recipient of the Woman of Resilience award from Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) Singapore. She is a strong social advocate in reducing social inequality and speaking up for those who are impoverished and marginalised. TEDxSingapore's passion is to inspire people to learn, engage in close conversations and share ideas from Singapore with the world.

Meet the World: Crossing Boundaries

What does it mean to be an ‘outsider writer’? The correlation between access and privilege in our societies means that certain narratives get more airtime than others and that whole segments of society—migrant communities, minority groups, working class writers, for example—have to cross boundaries to express and share their experiences. In this event, three writers from different backgrounds and segments of their society – Liyana Dhamirah from Singapore, Rolinda Onates Española from the Philippines and Eva Verde from the UK – will share their experiences, their work and approaches to storytelling, and their journeys towards and with writing as a form of expression and engagement. The event will be chaired by Singaporean author Nuraliah Norasid. This event was curated with Nuraliah Norasid as part of her virtual residency with NCW, generously supported by the National Arts Council of Singapore.

100 Women Honoured for Outstanding Achievements in Tech - Infocomm Media Development Authority

4 September 2020 : For the first time, Singapore has published a list of 100 women who achieved outstanding accomplishments and made significant contributions in tech, in an inaugural Singapore 100 Women in Tech (SG100WIT) List. The SG100WIT List aims to recognise women with exemplary contributions to the tech sector and celebrate female role models in tech.

Wahhhnita Ep 4 - meWATCH (Guest Feature: Liyana Dhamirah)

Wahhnita. An “urban” talk show, comprising of an ensemble of 4 women of both diverse age group and professional backgrounds hoping to share, influence and inspire. Nuraliza Osman, Huda Ali, Mastura Ahmad and Sarah Bagharib are the 4 local power horses who will be helming Wahhnita and be the voices of local women in expressing concerns in a mature yet loungey and relaxed setting. Bringing ideas, news and inspiration to your box. Wahhnita promises to be a show that discusses more than just relationships and beauty tips. It aims to explore current topics that help to empower women.

Liyana Dhamirah: author, entrepreneur and GE2020 candidate

From being homeless to becoming an entrepreneur who's contesting for Jurong GRC, Liyana Dhamirah breaks down stereotypes and is a voice for the marginalised

An interview with Liyana Dhamirah on we, the citizens

I met Liyana Dhamirah at a McDonald’s by an MRT station in late June. She’d just come from a book showcase at Epigram Books’ office—she told me she hadn’t expected the high turn-out at that event. It was her first time attending something like this, for the first book she’s ever published.

Homeless at 22, Singaporean Liyana Dhamirah shares her story.

The Straits Times - Arts News -SINGAPORE - Most young Singaporeans see their early 20s as a time for graduating, starting their first jobs and looking for their own homes. But when Liyana Dhamirah was 22, she was...

GE2020: ‘Being grateful does not mean we have to keep quiet’, says Red Dot United’s Liyana Dhamirah on her path to politics

SINGAPORE — As a mother of four who has overcome hardship and even a spell of homelessness, Red Dot United (RDU) candidate Liyana Dhamirah is grateful for assistance she has received from the Government — but she believes this does not mean she has to stay silent about issues she feels strongly about.

After teen pregnancies, homelessness and divorce, she finds success

To allow others to learn from her experience, she has written a book about it, titled Homeless: The Untold Story Of A Mother's Struggle In Crazy Rich Singapore. It is published by Epigram Books.

Money FM podcast: From homeless to entrepreneur, - THE BUSINESS TIMES

THE BUSINESS TIMES - Join Michelle Martin, as she speaks to Liyana Dhamirah, Founder of Virtual Assistants Singapore and Author of Homeless: The Untold Story of a Mother’s Struggle in Crazy Rich

Life's a beach: Entrepreneur writes book on surviving homelessness in Sembawang Park

SINGAPORE — For three months of her life in 2009, Liyana Dhamirah Selamat lived out of a small blue tent at Sembawang Park.

Help Liyana help Atiqah.

The following was first posted on the Lianain Films blog . Second Chances would like to thank both Liyana ( MommaMiia Creations ) and Lianai...

Liyana Dhamirah kongsi kisah 'di bawah khemah' semasa hamil dalam buku 'Homeless' - BERITA MediaCorp

Terpaksa tinggal di bawah khemah selama tiga bulan semasa hamil anak ketiga, di tengah-tengah kemelut rumah tangga tanpa rumah tetap pada pagi Hari Raya.

By sheer grit

“Perhaps you can consider staying at a hostel in Geylang,” he told her. “They charge $18 per night.” It was the last thing a homeless, pregnant woman would expect to hear from a social worker: go p…

1st Jul 2019 - SURIA Berita - Toggle

Watch the feature story from minute 9:50 onwards. Catch the latest local and international news on Suria.

How Ravi Philemon, former TOC editor helped a local tech entrepreneur when her family was homeless - The Online Citizen

In a viral Facebook post dated 24 July this year, Beyond Social Services, a non-profit organisation dedicated to assisting children and youths from less privileged backgrounds in escaping poverty, shared the story of Ms Liyana Dhamirah, local tech entrepreneur, who recounted her experience of hitting rock bottom in 2009 when she and her then-husband had …

Liyana Dhamirah: A Once Homeless Mother Rebuilds Her Life from Rock Bottom

Looking back upon my life, what I’ve really learnt is the importance of resilience; persist no matter what. I always ask my kids, ‘Do you remember what we went through? Never forget that. Because that period made you so much stronger.’