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YOUR GUIDE TO STARTING A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT BUSINESS A step-by-step guide to starting up your very own VA business. Inside this ebook, you'll find ➡ An overview of what VAs do, and where you can fit in ➡ A step-by-step guide to starting up your VA business ➡ Marketing tips & tricks to make your business credible ➡ More secrets from our experience of working as VAs in the last 5 years!

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HOMELESS: THE UNTOLD STORY OF A MOTHER'S STRUGGLE IN 'CRAZY RICH SINGAPORE - WINNER FOR THE 2020 SINGAPORE BOOKS AWARDS (BEST NON-FICTION) "I’ve known Liyana for a decade, and I’m so glad to see her story finally in print. With Singaporeans talking more about income and wealth inequality, it’s so important to have the testimony of someone who has experienced homelessness in this city, and pay attention to what she has to say about how she ended up in that situation, and how hard it was to pull herself out of that rut. Reading Homeless, I got a view of Singapore that I would never have otherwise encountered given my privileged position, and made me realize that there are so many assumptions, so many myths that we tell ourselves, that really need to be consigned to the rubbish heap." — Kirsten Han, journalist and author of The Silhouette of Oppression

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WRITING HACKS FOR INSTAGRAM Stuck with writing your bio, captions or replying to DMs? Not sure which words are best suited for your Instagram account? Need help with structuring sentences or forming replies? Get this ebook to writing high-quality words for your Instagram account. This guidebook covers all the tips and examples of how to write purposeful and add-value content for your Instagram business page. It works well for creative solopreneurs, service-based consultants and home-based businesses.

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WHITE: BEHIND MENTAL HEALTH STIGMA is a publication that looks at what mental health means to us and our communities in Singapore. The first edition brings together fifty voices from academia, organisations and individuals, and covers topics including trauma, dementia, addiction, corporate mental health and post-natal depression. With contributions from: IMH, NCSS, Chat Hub, Pangdemonium, InterUni LGBT Network, Liyana Dhamirah and more.