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Liyana Dhamirah: Finding hope in homelessness

Homelessness in Singapore is rarely talked about. But this does not mean that it does not exist. Liyana Dhamirah describes her struggles of being homeless, and how she emerged from it stronger than ever before. Her story reminds us that we can take control of our own destinies, and that we do not have to be defined by our circumstances. She also leaves with us an important lesson: a mother's spirit is fierce and indestructible. Through her experiences, Liyana evolved to become an entrepreneur, award-winning author, and the recipient of the Woman of Resilience award from Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) Singapore. She is a strong social advocate in reducing social inequality and speaking up for those who are impoverished and marginalised. TEDxSingapore's passion is to inspire people to learn, engage in close conversations and share ideas from Singapore with the world.